Garlic and Herpes – How worthy is the Relation?

This is the perfect article for those people who are suffering from herpes infection. If you are unaware about this disease, this article will help you to understand about this condition and by which you can treat this infection. Herpes is an infection which is caused by herpes simplex virus. There are almost eight types of viruses which can cause brain infection, eye infection, oral herpes, shingles, chickenpox and genital herpes. These infections are highly contagious and this can pass through skin to skin contact or personal contact with an infected person. According to studies most commonly herpes simplex virus causes oral and genital herpes. Both, oral and genital herpes are very common condition in United States. But, have you ever thought that if this is a very common condition, why is increasing herpes patient’s lists?

In some cases people don’t know that they are suffering from herpes because of their mild symptoms which are so mild that they go unrecognized. After reading this, if you are thinking that you are the only person who is suffering from this condition, I would like to tell you that you are no alone. There are almost 60-70 percent people who are suffering from this condition. Studies show that people usually spend millions of dollars to treat this viral infection but they are unaware about the fact that this is an incurable condition. Once herpes virus enters into your body then it is impossible for you to get rid of this condition. So we are taking about oral and genital herpes. Oral herpes is an infection of the mouth and it spreads through non sexual activities. It is also called as fever blisters and cold sores.  While genital herpes is only passes through sexual activities with an infected person. To understand more clearly, read the symptoms of oral and genital herpes below.

Symptoms of Herpes

  • Blisters on mouth, gum, and lips
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in swallowing, eating and speaking
  • Body ache
  • Pain while urination
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Filled fluid blisters
  • Itching and pain

If a person, who is reading my article, is aware about this condition, it is possible that he is aware about its medicines and its costs. But have you tried natural remedies to cure this condition? If no, I think you should think about this. Garlic and herpes, don’t you think this is going to help you to treat this condition? I know garlic is not in everyone’s preference list and all thanks to garlic’s breath. But have you ever imagine that this single ingredient can give you magical results when it comes to treat herpes simplex infection. Garlic is a very common ingredient in every Indian household and it has been used to treat numerous health related problems. It is not only used to enhance the taste of your food but you can also use this ingredient to cure herpes’s symptoms. It is proved that garlic and herpes is the best treatment option.

garlic for herpes1Antibiotics only cure bacterial infections and not herpes because herpes is a virus. Garlic is very effective to treat viral infections because it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties which are very effective to cure these types of infections. If you or your dear one is suffering from this condition, garlic and herpes is the best way to treat herpes’s symptoms. Why I am saying symptoms because there is no cure for this problem till the date. But by garlic you can not only control your symptoms but also stay less painful life. So what do you think about garlic and herpes treatment? I have more to tell you about this problem. There are so many testimonials present which prove that garlic and herpes is the best way to cure its symptoms at home. Mentioned below it is the procedure how a person can use garlic to cure herpes symptoms.

In oral herpes

  • At the first outbreak of herpes take garlic orally. You can take raw, minced with your food as often as possible. If you have sores on or around the mouth, you can treat this by applying garlic paste directly on the affected area of the skin. If you want to avoid burning sensation, add few drops of olive oil in garlic paste. Then apply on your affected area.

In genital herpes

  • In this condition you just need to apply diluted garlic paste on your infected skin. Taking orally can also give you effective results in genital herpes. Garlic and herpes is the perfect way to cure both oral and genital herpes very effectively.

Hope this article will help you to control your condition. I am not saying that what I have said is totally correct and you have to use this. But garlic and herpes is a very effective treatment. I know it is little bit difficult for you to accept this fact but trust me garlic and herpes is the best option for treatment of herpes patients.


Apart from all the natural and herbal remedies, there is one more method of treating herpes which is considered to be the most effective way to cure herpes. Click here to know more about colloidal silver for herpes, a perfect solution for the trouble.

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